I'm So Glad

by I'm So Glad

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Cover photo by Troy Memis


released April 29, 2013



all rights reserved


I'm So Glad Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Beau Brynes - Leaks
The ceiling you're staring at
Is stained by the worst color you could imagine
Track Name: Roya Weidman - A Week Of Being Dead
I killed myself in 2010, ran my car straight through an intersection
Became a ghost that only haunted strangers and stole their clothes
I think I've probably cried on every sweater that you own 
But I thought you were beautiful in a sad way, like I was 

I'm not scared or alone but I feel scared and alone again
I've been listless, there are too many things I never did or said 
I burned out at a young age, i only wanted things I couldn't have
And selfishly, I forgot to tell you I loved you and the life we had
Track Name: Matt Arbiz - Fat Camp
I made a life for myself riding off money
my dad won in the Pennsylvania lottery.
He told me to pay off my loans
but I wasted it all on expired 35 film from '89.
I'm gonna be famous when I'm dead one day.

You slapped me in the face
for asking about the scars on your knees,
but if I'm a celebrity,
why doesn't everyone hate me?
Track Name: Kaleb Brinegar - What It Takes To Be A Ghost
I have found that what it takes to be a ghost
is not to be invisible.
It is to die inside yourself;
to die inside your mind.
It is to be hollowed out;
to compose your face while you scream and shout.

I am ghostly;
I am a ghost.

I have found that I am what it takes to be a ghost.
I have found that it’s okay because it won’t always be this way.
But I am emptied;
I am emptied;
I am empty.